Tract Wallet (Pre-Filled)

Tract Wallet (Pre-Filled)
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Tract Wallet (Pre-Filled) In this Product:

3:16: The Numbers of Hope (5 Tracts) Based on the book 3:16, best-selling author Max Lucado reveals the concept of God's love as shown in John 3:16.

You're Special (5 Tracts) All time best-selling tract. Everyone is special to God, and He loves and desires to know each of us personally.

Someone Cares (5 Tracts) Christ suffered rejection, abuse, hunger and pain for us, so that by His wounds we could be healed and have peace.

What Is the Gospel? (5 Tracts) Adapted from Greg Gilbert’s book What Is the Gospel?, this tract uses evidence from the Bible to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about Jesus Christ.

Father's Love Letter (ATS) (5 Tracts) “Father’s Love Letter” combines uniquely joined verses from Scripture, in the format of a letter from the Father to his children, to articulate the gospel message.

How Can We Know We'll Go to Heaven? (5 Tracts) Author Randy Alcorn explains that heaven isn't our "default destination" and that specific preparation must be made if we are to safely arrive in heaven.

Steps to Peace with God (5 Tracts) "Steps to Peace with God" presents four easy-to-follow stages in order to truly understand the peace of God, and grasp the gift of eternal life that only comes through Jesus Christ.

God Loves You! (5 Tracts) This best-selling children’s tract explains the gospel in the simplest of terms.

Hope for Hard Times (5 Tracts) This tract explains how Christ's work on the cross gives reason for hope even in hard times.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (5 Tracts) Author Billy Graham proclaims that “the only way to God is by having personal faith in Jesus Christ.” This tract explains the undeserved gift of salvation.