NEW! A Love Letter From The Heart Of God Bible Tract

NEW! A Love Letter From The Heart Of God Bible Tract
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Colorful, child-friendly tract that shares God's love for children in a creative format. Wonderful resource that can be used year round. Tract Text: My Dear Precious One, I am writing to tell you how much I love you. I created the world and everything in it. I also created you and have wonderful plans for your life. I will love you foreveróno matter what! There are times when you will say and do "bad" things. Things like lying, disobeying, doing what is wrong. These "bad" things are called sins. These sins will hurt you, but my love for you will help you if you accept my love. Many years ago I sent my only Son, Jesus Christ, to show how much I loved the world. In the long version of my love letter (The Bible) Jesus did many wonderful miraclesólike healing the sick, making the blind see, and even raising people from the dead. But the most important thing Jesus did was to die on the cross for your sins. He was buried and three days later He was raised from the dead. Those who believe in Jesus will have their sins forgiven and have the gift of eternal life.

Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son [Jesus], so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life. John 3:16

Will you trust in Jesus Christ today and accept My love for you? I love you and am eager to hear from you, Your Heavenly Father

To accept my offer of salvation, you can tell me through a simple prayer like this: Dear God, I know that I do bad things. Please forgive me. I believe Your Son, Jesus Christ, died and rose again to take away my sins. I now trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior. Amen.