Letter to Baby Jesus Ornament/Scroll

 Letter to Baby Jesus Ornament/Scroll
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Letter to Baby Jesus Ornament/Scroll

Material: Paper/Ribbon Size: 6" H

Scroll Reads:

A Letter to Baby Jesus from Santa Claus

Dear Tiny Savior;

I kneel before you now to adore

you as my King - If only people

knew that you are everything.

They could truly feel a peace deep

inside their soul - Instead of feeling

frantic as this season takes its toll.

I wish that people knew youíre the one who

should come first - That Christmas came

alive from your humble manger birth.

Sometimes I feel ashamed that I am

placed above your amazing gift for all,

your present wrapped in love.

Of course I want to celebrate and join

in all the fun, But I want these folks to

understand the meaning of Godís Son.

I deliver loads of presents with my reindeer

and my sleigh, But you deliver people and

freely give away Your love, grace and mercy -

best gifts underneath the tree-And free for

all who take them, starting here with me.

Love always,