Large 16 oz. J.O.Y. Inspirational Gift Mug

Large 16 oz. J.O.Y. Inspirational Gift Mug
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Oh, JOY! What a pretty mug! Microwave and dishwasher safe, this big 16 oz mug is also individually gift boxed! *Note: Photo shows the front/back of each mug* •INSPIRATIONAL •INSCRIPTION: J.O.Y. * I've heard it said that JOY's a word that when taken letter by letter, can make us understand just how such a small word makes things better. The J of course is JESUS; the O, why that means OTHERS; The Y means YOU come last (YOURSELF) after all your brothers and sisters. So..when you are putting JESUS first in everything that you do, then it really is no wonder that others see JOY in you!