Road To Resurrection Starter Kit

Road To Resurrection Starter Kit
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This Easter season, you'll meet kids and families you may never see again. Make sure they meet Jesus! You're looking for an Easter event that makes a lasting impact. That draws families back to church and closer together. That lasts longer than a basket full of jelly beans and chocolate. And - admit it - East egg hunts and cantatas aren't doing the trick. Bring your church Road to Resurrection, the fun, family-friendly event that gets families talking...and walking with Jesus! During this all-new hands-on experience, families travel the path Jesus journeyed. They'll: 1. Wave palm branches to honor Jesus 2. Tiptoe into an upper room and taste the Passover meal. 3. Visit Barabbas in his jail cell. 4. Hear a Roman solder's remorse for hurting Jesus. 5. Celebrate outside Jerusalem where Jesus has risen from the dead. Easy to plan Easy to get volunteers Easy to decorate