"No Geek-Speak" Guide to the Internet

"No Geek-Speak" Guide to the Internet
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Description: If you can turn on your computer and click a mouse, Mike Wendland will have you surfing the Net in no time. And you don't have to speak "Geek-Speak" like a native! Starting from scratch, Wendland's easy, here's-how approach help you harness the Internet for spiritual growth, family recreation, business efficiency, and communication with fellow Christians around the globe. The Complete "No Geek-Speak" Guide to the Internet is a clear, understandable tour through the basics, including: Wiring instructions Internet tools, tips, and tricks Navigating and exploring the World Wide Web Frequently asked questions A "geek-speak" glossary that enables you to master key terms A list of thousands of Internet sites of interest to Christians, families, and business people This easy-to-follow guide to the Internet, the World Wide Web, America Online, and other electronic communications services will help you "wire up" for personal growth using today's exciting new communications technology.