NKJV New Testament (12 cassettes)

NKJV New Testament (12 cassettes)
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Here is the newest, word-for-word rendition of the popular New King James Version Bible, read word-for-word by award-winning narrator Eric Martin. The New King James Version is a fresh, completely updated translation that is faithful to the accuracy and beauty of the KJV, in more contemporary language. Digitally mastered cassettes enhance your listening enjoyment. Limited lifetime warranty. Complete with a zippered, nylon carrying case. Eric Martin has worked as a narrator, journalist, actor, and writer, in addition to radio broadcasting, and has been the recipient of both national and international honors in the field of narration. He has been involved in missions and aided "Operation es Exodus" in evacuating many Jews from Russia. The voice he uses to proclaim his passion to fight for the persecuted Christians will continue to touch many lives through this recording of the New King James Verson Bible. 12 cassettes.