NIV/KJV Parallel Bible/Large Prt-HC

NIV/KJV Parallel Bible/Large Prt-HC
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The Two Most Popular Translations in One Volume

* KJV and NIV side by side for quick verse-for-verse comparison * Large print for easy reading (9.4 point) * NIV and KJV concordances

The NIV/KJV Parallel Bible does more than combine the poetic beauty and dignity of the King James Version (KJV) with the readability and accuracy of the best-selling New International Version (NIV). It lets you access their unique strengths: the KJVís lofty, word-for-word translation that generations of Christians have relied on, and the NIVís scholarly rendering, based on current knowledge of the most ancient manuscripts, that has set it apart for both clarity and accuracy.

Setting these two classic translations side by side, the NIV/KJV Parallel Bible--Large Print allows you to compare and contrast, gaining insight from the distinctive nuances of each translation. Itís an unbeatable format for Bible study.