My First Bible

My First Bible
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"Wonderful Stories for Young Children"

The Bible is full of wonderful stories, all with something important to say, even to the very young. But it takes a special skill with words and concepts to help them understand.

The stories in My First Bible have been chosen especially and retold for young readers. And they have been selected also for their importance in the big story of God to the rescue, which the whole Bible tells. Beginning with the creation of our world by a God who loves and cares for people, they move through the story of the nation of Israel and its leaders to the life of Jesus and what follows. All the great names and great events are here.

Here are more than 60 Bible stories, especially chosen for young children, a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge of the Bible. These stories can be clearly understood; they are fun to read, to share and to enjoy—they are at their best when read aloud.

My First Bible, with its rhythm and repetition, is ideal for reading aloud with young children, although older ones will enjoy reading it on their own.

Colorful, friendly illustrations reflect the mood and content of each story. They are full of fun and detail that will entertain even the youngest child. The characters are lively and expressive of the human emotions children recognize.