My Christmas Wreath

My Christmas Wreath
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Product Description

Made of layered wood, the wreath features a free-hanging heart dangle at its center. Includes a 2 3/8" x 6 1/2" gift card. Gift boxed. 9" diam.

Gift card text: My Christmas Wreath I made a beautiful Christmas wreath of the blessings that I share, wrapped 'round with love from every friend and filled with heartfelt care. My friends have been such gifts to me-each in a special way-and I would like to let them know, in honor of Christmas Day. Some bring FAITH in times of doubt and some bring HOPE to me; some bring LOVE that casts out fear and sets my spirit free. With some I've laughed, with some I've danced, as JOY is theirs to give. From some I've learned of inner PEACE and a simpler way to live. My wreath entwines the gifts of all the caring folks I know I weave a ribbon of love around and tie it in a bow. I'll take my wreath to the Little Child as I speak to Him in prayer, and ask for Christmas blessings for my good friends everywhere! -Camille A. Balla May this wreath express my Christmas wishes and convey what a loving gift of the heart you are to me every day.