"Jesus is Alive" Laminated Bookmark (KJV) with FREE Sucker

"Jesus is Alive" Laminated Bookmark (KJV) with FREE Sucker
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Product Description

An awesome way to share the Christian message of Easter. Each bookmark has been laminated for durability. Each bookmark comes with a FREE Butterfly Sucker.

Text on Back of Bookmark Run and chase a butterfly- Colors flash before your eyes! Red is for the blood Christ gave. Green grass grew beside His grave. Yellow is for His sun so bright. Black is when the day turned night. Purple is for His hour of sorrow. Pink is for our new tomorrow. White is for the angels' clothes. Orange is for the day He rose. Butterflies burst brown cocoons. Jesus frees us from the tomb! He is risen! Matthew 28:6

Product Specifications: Jumbo size bookmark with rounded corners and shape of butterfly die-cut on top. Front is printed in 4 color process and the back is printed with a one color process, black. Size: 2 1/2" x 6 1/2".