Hebrew Tutor

Hebrew Tutor
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You'll move at your own pace through this engaging, interactive sight-and-sound tutorial. Grammar lessons and proven study tools build naturally on your skills, taking you through the equivalent of an entire first-year course. Key Features:

Makes learning easy and enjoyable! You'll hear the pronunciations of letters and words as you see them to learn Hebrew by sight and sound. The program takes you step-by-step from learning the alphabet all the way to translating and reading the Book of Ruth for yourself.

Go at your own pace. Take as long as you need to master the material in each section. The program is simple to use even for beginners!

Understand what you learn! Multi-faceted interactive drills and exercises let you study Hebrew letters, vocabulary, and grammar in a format designed to reinforce all you learn. Designed by a Hebrew professor and tested in the classroom, Hebrew Tutor is a proven method for learning and retaining biblical Hebrew. BONUS! Flash cards help you review what you've learned even when you're not at your computer!