Greek Tutor

Greek Tutor
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Here's the easy, effective language tool for home study and classroom use! You'll move at your own pace through this engaging, interactive sight-and-sound tutorial. Grammar lessons and proven study tools in Greek Tutor® build naturally on your skills, taking you through the equivalent of an entire first-year course. Read, understand even pronounce biblical Greek! Make learning easy and enjoyable! Greek Tutor harnesses the interactive power of multimedia to simplify and enhance your studies. You'll hear the pronunciations of letters and words as you see them to learn Greek by sight and sound! Learn at your own pace! Take as long as you need to master the material in each section. Greek Tutor's self-paced interactive format includes 28 units that build naturally on your acquired skills. You'll start with the alphabet and finish by reading the first three chapters of the Gospel of John in its original language! Master what you've learned! Multi-faceted interactive drills and exercises let you study Greek letters, vocabulary, and grammar in a format designed to reinforce all you learn. And immediate feedback on your exercises helps you learn from your mistakes! Multimedia makes learning and teaching exciting! Perfect for students learn on your own or use Greek Tutor to supplement what you're learning in class! It's designed by a seminary professor and organized in a format proven effective in his classroom. Great for teachers, too use it to reinforce what you¿re teaching in the classroom. Greek Tutor is an ideal supplement to four leading Greek textbooks. It's a great reference tool! Use the handy index to find verb forms and other information instantly! BONUS flash cards included! Easily review what you've learned even when you're not at your computer! Order today and start mastering the basics of biblical Greek with this proven, effective program!