Gospel Of Health Book

Gospel Of Health Book
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A manual to prevent and make common ailments disappear through proven natural treatments. Whether a person is looking for relief from a specific ailment or for the keys to maintaining overall health, here's what The Gospel of Health provides: PART ONE unmasks the root of four widespread problems that lead to most dis-ease of the body, mind, and spirit. PART TWO provides a wealth of clear, concise information on what a person needs to know to immediately improve their health through diet and supplementation. PART THREE not only shatters the fallacies of modern diet fads but shows exactly what a person needs to do to experience the health God desires for them. From cleansing and renewing their systems to quick weight loss, Saxion offers a natural approach to maintaining optimal health, including specific foods that supercharge the mind and body. PART FOUR presents over 80 common ailments arranged in alphabetical order with a nutritional manual to help restore the body's ability to heal and even reverse the cause of illness and disease! Includes a state-by-state list of over 700 of America's leading complementary alternative medical doctors.