"God @ Work" by Rich Marshall, a must have for business owners

"God @ Work" by Rich Marshall, a must have for business owners
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A new breed of ministers is emerging in the world marketplace. These ministers are passionate about the Kingdom, and are people of integrity and high moral character. They think strategically and creatively about ways to impact the world for the Lord. They are called of God and know it, but not in the traditional sense of preaching, teaching, or even evangelism as we have known it. They serve the Lord, but not in church offices or mission headquarters. They serve Him in the marketplace. Why? Because they are business and professional people, and they know that their work is their ministry.

They are called of God to make moneyża lot of it. Even though they have been warned that this could greatly harm their holiness, they know that God is leading and blessing them. They are called to be creative and to think strategically about transforming their workplace, their city, and their nation. They know that God has called them to live for Christ, as lambs among wolves (see Lk. 10:3). They believe that God will use them to do miracles in the marketplace. They know that the call of God is upon them to shepherd those believers not currently attending an organized church.

This is a book of hope for a new breed of ministers. It will help the business and professional person rediscover his destiny, and will help him step into the plan that God has for his life. That destiny is your call to see the marketplace as your ministry place.