Electronic Dictionary & Thesaurus w/Spell Correct

Electronic Dictionary & Thesaurus w/Spell Correct
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Product Description

Merriam-Webster® Dictionary and Thesaurus provides instant access to 274,000 definitions and 500,000 synonyms & antonyms. The right words are easy to find with Franklin's patented phonetic spell correction feature. Improve your spelling and vocabulary with this essential English reference.

Additional Features:

Phonetic Spell Correction

Merriam-Webster® Dictionary

Franklin Thesaurus

Confusables® function

SAT* Word List

My Vocabulary List

4 Learning Exercises and 9 Games

Crossword Puzzle Solver to determine missing puzzle letters

Organizer to store names and numbers

Local/world clock

Calculator with currency/metric converters

Adjustable contrast display

Convenient On-screen Help

Auto Shut-Off

2 x CR-2032 batteries included