"Count Your Blessings" Laminated Bookmark (ESV)

"Count Your Blessings" Laminated Bookmark (ESV)
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"Count Your Blessings" Laminated Bookmark (ESV) with FREE Candy Corn

Count Your Blessings Today! This colorful bookmark with a Thanksgiving poem will serve as a reminder to count your blessings! Each bookmark comes with a FREE .5 oz. bag of Candy Corn. This interactive product helps show children how many blessings they have. The FREE candy corn comes with a purpose. Each student can read the bookmark and then use the candy corn as they count off their many blessings. Use this to help stretch young students into coming up with a blessing for each candy corn. Encourage them to continue to count their blessings.

The back of the bookmark has a poem designed to help students realize their many blessings. Write your own poem or story and illustrate including blessings which are not only obvious but also less obvious. Include the love of Christ as the greatest blessing.