Cedarmont Kids / Easter Favorites CD

Cedarmont Kids / Easter Favorites CD
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Cedarmont Kids is proud to offer Easter Favorites. This CD includes 11 songs that celebrate Christ’s death, burial, resurrection and ascension. As a bonus, we’ve also included a complete musical, The Easter Miracle Through the Eyes of the Children, a 20 minute program that adds drama and dialogue to 8 of these songs to retell the real miracle of Easter. And, with a budget price, this is ideal for families who want to give Easter gifts to ALL the kids in their lives!

1. Were You There 2. Christ The Lord Is Risen 3. He Is Lord 4. Alive Alive 5. Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus 6. Everybody Ought To Love Jesus 7. Praise Him, Praise Him 8. Children, Jesus Loves You 9. Jesus Loves The Little Children 10. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus 11. Everybody Ought To Know 12. The Easter Miracle Through The Eyes Of The Children