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The Bible Man Show, a series of fast-paced rollicking productions, features a new kind of superhero empowered by the limitless might of scripture. He's powerful, he's exciting, and he's going to thrill you as he defends the Truth and all thatis good. In "The 6 Lies of The Fibbler", Bibleman takes on the most dasterdly of his enemies. He's the Fibbler. Known for spreading lies and causing havoc: and his target is the church kids. In this episode The Fibbler's lying influence causes tremendous turmoil that only Bibleman can put in order. The Fibbler nearly accomplishes his evil task, but thanks to Bibleman's keen gifts, super hero abilities, and intense knowlege of God's Word, he defeats The Fibbler in a dramtic fight. Starring: Willie Ames (Eight is Enough, Charles in Charge)! AND MANY MORE YOU CHOOSE!