Anoint Oil-Frankincense & Myrrh Roll On-1/3oz

Anoint Oil-Frankincense & Myrrh Roll On-1/3oz
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Frankincense & Myrrh Oils In temple days, sweet incense containing Frankincense was placed on the Inner Altar of the Tabernacle and burned morning and evening. It speaks of intercession. Myrrh, used as a burial spice and in purification rites (Queen Esther bathed in oil of myrrh for 6 months), was a primary ingredient of the Holy Anointing Oil. It speaks of suffering and death, but our total victory in the atoning work of Messiah. Frankincense & Myrrh, two of the three prophetic gifts given to the Messiah at His birth, represent His role as Priest and Prophet. Song of Sol. 3:6 "Who is this coming in a pillar of smoke, smelling of myrrh and frankincense?"